Baron Frederick Greuhm

(d. 1 Dec 1823) Range 31 Site 32

The Prussian Minister to the United States. A Knight of the Order of the Red Eagle.

The National Intelligencer, December 3, 1823
On Monday morning, at his residence near Georgetown, Baron Frederick Greuhm, Minister from the Prussian government to the United States. He was eminent at home no less for his attainments than his merit, and had pursued the diplomatic career, with great consideration and success, for three and twenty years. It would be unseasonable to recount the services by which he had recommended himself to the favor of his sovereign; but it may be interesting to the American public to learn, that, on a mission, some years since, to London, he exerted himself with an admirable zeal in promoting contributions for the relief of the soldiers wounded in the late disastrous wars, and that he has, through life, and often in this country, given proofs of a most compassionate temper, and a spirit really munificent. So full was the confidence reposed in his abilities, that he was appointed to serve in Spain during the critical and difficult conjuncture of the last half year. But he esteemed himself most happy in getting his destination changed to the United States, where he had already resided as Minister for two years, and now returned, after a lapse of two years more, to die! During that residence he had endeared himself to a large circle of acquaintances, as well private as official; for few failed to conceive at once a high esteem for him, and to feel a secret charm in his manners, which displayed the truest simplicity and frankness, even while he was discharging the duties of a Courtier. He leaves an afflicted widow in a foreign land, with few consolations besides those which she derives from the sympathies of the community. He had reached the age of fifty-three, and fell a victim to three successive fits of apoplexy originating in a constitutional complaint. The Funeral of this lamented gentleman is expected to take place on Thursday. Of the arrangements which shall be made respecting it, notice will be given in the paper of that morning.

The National Intelligencer, December 4, 1823
Neither House of Congress sits this day.--Though the motive be not recorded on their journals, it is presumed this adjournment, from Wednesday to Friday, was out of respect to the nation whose worthy Representative has just closed his mortal career among us, and whose funeral will take place this day. The Circuit Court of this District, it will be seen, also adjourned over, from the same motive. ------------------ OFFICIAL. Mr. De Greuhm, Minister Resident of his Majesty the King of Prussia to the United States, Knight of the Order of the Red Eagle, departed this life on Monday morning the 1st instant, at about five o'clock, at his late residence in Georgetown. His funeral will take place on Thursday the 4th of December, [This Day] at 11 o'clock a.m. at the Church of the Rev. Dr. Laurie, F street. The procession will be formed under the superintendence of the Marshal of the District of Columbia. The friends and acquaintances of the deceased are invited to attend. ---------------- Circuit Court of the District of Columbia The Court having been informed of the Death of Monsieur de Greuhm, resident Minister of his Majesty the King of Prussia to the United States, and Knight of the Order of the Red Eagle, and the Judges having been invited by his Excellency the Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of his Majesty the Emperor of all the Russia's and the Charge des Affaires of his Majesty the King of Sweden and Norway, to assist at the Funeral, It is Ordered, That the Court be adjourned until Friday next, at ten o'clock. Wm. Brent, Clerk

The National Intelligencer, December 5, 1823
The funeral of the late Mr. Greuhm, the Prussian Minister, took place yesterday, according to appointment, and notwithstanding the almost unparalleled inclemency of the weather, was attended by all the principal Officers of the Government, and many others. Had not the storm of rain and wind been so pitiless and incessant, the procession would have been one of the largest ever seen in this city. The occurrence is a new one under our government; this being the first case of the death of a Foreign Minister at the Seat of Government. Every respect has been shown to the merits of the deceased, as well as to the nation of which he was the Representative, that circumstances would admit.

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