Board of Directors

The Association's all volunteer Board of Directors brings a wide variety of strengths and views to the organization to oversee its policies and programs and to build a solid future of service to the city and the nation.

Executive Committee
  •          Kelly Crowe, Chairperson
  •          Chris Kennedy, Vice Chairperson
  •          Sid Neely, Treasurer
  •          Susan Urahn, Secretary 

Representatives of Christ Church 
  •          Sharon Bosworth
  •          Beverly Ward

Representatives of Site Owners 
  •          Edward S. Miller 

At Large 
  •          Amy Ballard
  •          Stephen Gardner
  •          Rebecca Roberts 

Ex-Officio Voting
  •          Ted Bechtol (appointed by the Architect of the Capitol)
  •          Rhonda Sincavage (appointed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation) 

  • Paul K. Williams, President
  • Margaret Puglisi, Vice President
  • Lauren Maloy, Program Director
  • Dayle Dooley, Archives
  • Crystal Pate, Office Manager
  • Andrea O'Hara, Finance
  • Daniel Holcombe, Grounds and Conservation Manager


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