Causten Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment

Exterior:  (from 2004 Historic Resources report) The Causten Vault was considered in fair condition in 2003 but showing signs of rapid mortar loss and shifting bricks on the north and south piers.  The façade masonry had significant areas of mortar deterioration with significant displacements in the coping stones and north and south end piers.  Portions of the wall were improperly repointed with modern brick.  Inappropriate mortar has the potential to crack the surrounding soft brick or cause it to spall.  

One hundred percent of the brickwork needs to be repointed along the west elevation.  Open joints occur along the capstones due to settling and movement of the bricks.  The iron door, which could not be opened, is in fair condition; there is only minor surface corrosion.  The marble epitaphs have lost much of their surface detail due to acid rain and general weathering.  There is exposed concrete parging, areas of concrete inappropriately patched with asphalt, and areas of bare earth above the vault to the east. The vault appears to have maintained its basic structural form, likely getting resistance to horizontal thrusts with the soil around the perimeter.   The vent hole, at the rear of the vault, is directed upward and filled with dirt.

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