Association: The Association for the Preservation of Historic Congressional Cemetery is the nonprofit organization that acts as a steward of the site.

Board of Directors:  Appointed members in charge of supervision and decision making for the Association.

Burial Plot: A plot of land designated by Range and Site numbers that may be used for the burial of human remains.  Typically measures 3’ by 8’ with a 2’ pathway for separation between every other range.

Cemetery: A burial park for the combination of earth interments and inurnments and tomb, crypt, or mausoleum entombments.

Entombment: The interment of remains in a tomb, vault, or mausoleum.

Footstone: Memorial placed at the foot of the grave. Generally flush to the ground.

Headstone: Memorial placed at the head of the grave.

Interment: An interment may be in the form of a full body casket or an urn, and placed in the ground.

Interment Right: An Interment Right shall be defined as the right to bury the remains of human remains in a designated burial site.

Inurnment: A burial in the form of ashes and/or urn.

Lineal Descendant: A person in direct ancestral line of a lot owner.  For example: grandmother, mother, and granddaughter.

Mausoleum: Aboveground structures that hold remains.

Memorial: Includes a monument, marker, tablet, headstone, private mausoleum, or tomb to commemorate and indicate the location of a burial.

Niche: Area designed for cremation inurnments.

Lot Owner:  Person who purchased the Interment Right for a particular burial site and regulates decisions made about the burial site with the approval of the Association.  

Range: Numbered dissections dividing the cemetery from West to East; The first number in the address of a specific burial plot.

Site: Numbered dissections dividing the cemetery from North to South; The second number in the address of a specific burial plot.

Vestry:  The governing body of Christ Church, Washington Parish.

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