Designing and Installing a Memorial

1.A memorial may be placed on the burial site, but it must meet specifications and qualifications established by the Board of Directors.  The Board retains the right to refuse memorials that do not meet those specs & qualifications

2.A Contractor Work Approval Form must be filed out for each project the lot owner wishes to employ a contractor to work on the site.  Work will not be permitted unless the Association is presented with this completed form.

3.Proposals for improving a burial site in any way, including plans for the installation, repair, or conservation of memorials, must be submitted in writing in advance to the Association for approval. Proposals that are not consistent with the Landscape Plan of the Association may be denied.

4.All plans for markers or burial site improvements must be accompanied by documentation regarding type of stone, inscription, size, location on site, facing direction, photograph, approximate date of installation, and any other pertinent information.  Sketches with dimensions or scaled drawings are acceptable.

5.The Association reserves the right, at its option, to charge a reasonable rate to persons or firms for the permission to install memorials or other such improvements on burial sites.  That fee is currently $150.00 and must be paid by either the installer or the lot owner.

6.Maintenance of markers, monuments, stones, fencing, and other permanent improvements to a burial site is the responsibility of the owner of the associated Interment Right. The Association, however, reserves the right to restore, repair, or reset markers that have become unsightly, unstable, or dangerous, and may, at the discretion other Association, charge the owner for the costs of labor and materials for such restoration work.

7.The monument may not exceed the boundaries of the purchased burial plot(s).

8.All memorials require design approval by the Board of Directors in regard to design, materials, and placement.  A scale drawing including proposed text should be submitted by the owner or the memorial company along with a perspective drawing.

9.The address of the burial plot, Range and Site numbers, must appear on the monument in either the lower right hand corner of the front or the back.  For example:  R70 / S200.

10.Memorials should be natural stone, such as marble, granite, slate, or sandstone, or non-ferrous metals such as bronze.  All other materials are subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors.

11.Monument restoration must be performed by a qualified conservator and approved by the Association before work begins.

12.Site holders are solely responsible for the workmanship of contractors and their employees.

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