Essays in Historic Preservation

Oddly enough, we find historic preservation to be endlessly fascinating. A widely diverse catalogue of issues, curiosities, and fun facts arises in cemetery preservation work.  From time ot time, we hope to leave short essays on our latest discoveries or thoughts.
Preservation or Restoration? 
To most folks these words mean the same thing.  To those who work in the field, them's fighin' words.
Preservation Begins with Observation
History often hides itself well, preservation begins with observation- careful observation.
Dutchman Repairs
When a piece of stone is so badly worn or broken that it has to go, the right thing to do is call for a Dutchman.
Mortar Matters 
The historic brick burial vaults and brick walls that imbue the cemetery with much of its character are suffering the effects of acid rain.
Experience Builds Character
The experience of the land itself can speak to us as forcefully as any interpretive sign.
 Cemetery Glossary
Every industry has words that have unique meaning withing the trade.  The glossary here may contains words you've never seen before.

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