First Lady Dolley P. Madison

 (d. 12 Jul 1849) Public Vault
Causten Vault
(Removed 1857)

First Lady. Wife of James Madison, the 4th President of the United States.

The National Intelligencer, Saturday, July 14, 1849
It is with saddened hearts that we announce to our readers the decease of Mrs. Madison, Widow of James Madison, Ex-President of the United States. She died at her residence in this city on Thursday night last, the 12th instant, between 10 and 11 o'clock, aged about eighty-two years.

Beloved by all who personally knew her, and universally respected, this venerable Lady closed her long and well-spent life with the calm resignation which goodness of heart combined with piety only can impart. It would seem an abuse of terms to say that we regret the departure of one so ripe and so fitted for a better world. But, in the case of this excellent Lady, she continued until within a few weeks to grace society with her presence, and lend to it those charms with which she adorned the circles of the highest, the wisest, and best, during the bright career of her illustrious husband. Wherever she appeared, every one became conscious of the presence of the spirit of benignity and gentleness, united to all the attributes of feminine loveliness. For ourselves, whose privilege it was to know and admire her through the last forty years of this life, it would not be easy to speak in terms of exaggeration of the virtues and winning manners of this eminent Lady. To attempt it would add no brightness to her fair name, and would be little needed to move the public sympathy. All of our own country and thousands in other lands will need no language of Eulogy to inspire a deep and sincere regret when they learn the demise of one who touched all hearts by her goodness and won the admiration of all by the charms of dignity and grace.

The National Intelligencer, Monday, July 16, 1849
Funeral of Mrs. Madison
The Funeral of Mrs. Madison will take place this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from St. John's Church. The following is the order of the procession adopted by the friends of the family:

Order of Procession

The Reverend Clergy

Attending Physicians

Pall Bearers
Hon. J.M. Clayton
Hon. W.M. Meredith
Mr. Gales
Mr. Ritchie
General Jesup
General Totten
Com. Morris
Com. Warrington
General Henderson
Mr. Pleasonton
Gen. Walter Jones
Mr. Fendall

The Family

The President (Taylor) and Cabinet

The Diplomatic Corps

Members of the Senate and House of Representatives at present in Washington, and their officers

Judges of the Supreme Court and Courts of the District and their officers

Officers of the Army and Navy

Mayor (Seaton) and Corporation of Washington

Citizens and Strangers

The National Intelligencer, July 17, 1849
Funeral of the Late Mrs. Madison
The remains of the venerable relict of Ex-President Madison were removed from her late residence, in Lafayette square, to St. John's Church yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The Rev. Mr. Pyne, Rector of the Church, delivered, in a very feeling manner, an eloquent and just eulogy on the character of the deceased, which was listened to with deep interest by a dense congregation, including the President of the United States, the Cabinet Officers, gentlemen of the Army and Navy, the Mayor and City Councils, and many distinguished citizens and strangers. The Rev. Mr. French aided the Rector of St. John's in the funeral solemnities. About half past 5 o'clock the funeral procession, a very large and imposing one, moved from the Church to the Congress Cemetery, where the corpse will remain until it is removed to its final resting place at Montpelier, (Va.).

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