First Lady Louisa C. Adams

(b. 1775 - d. 18 May 1852) Causten Vault
(Removed 1852)

First Lady. Wife of John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States. She was born in London, the daughter of Joshua Johnson, U.S. Consul.
The National Intelligencer, Tuesday, May 18, 1852
As a mark of proper respect to the character and virtues of the late venerable widow of ex-President J.Q. Adams, both Houses of Congress yesterday adjourned over to Wednesday to give the Members an opportunity to attend her funeral.
The National Intelligencer, Wednesday, May 19, 1852
The funeral of the venerable Mrs. Adams, yesterday, was marked by those testimonies of respect to her estimable character and her eminent place in the public regard. It was attended by the President of the United States (Fillmore) and the members of the Cabinet, the Presiding Officers and many of the Members of the two Houses of Congress, and a large body of citizens, official and unofficial. The religious services were solemnly performed by the Rev. Mr. Pyne and the Rev. Mr. French, and the body was followed to the grave by one of the longest funeral processions ever witnessed in this city, the following gentlemen acting as Pall Bearers:

Pall Bearers
Hon. W.R. King
Hon. C.M. Conrad
Hon. Mr. Mangum
Hon. Linn Boyd
Hon. Mr. Sumner
Com. Morris
Hon. Mr. Fowler
Gen. Jesup
Mr. Seaton
Mr. R. Smith
Mr. F.B. Stockton
Mr. W.T. Carroll

Mr. Charles F. Adams, of Boston, the only surviving son of the deceased, did not reach the city in time to close his venerable parent's eyes, but time enough to unite with the other members of the family in paying the last offices of affection to her remains.

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