Flower Purchase and Payment

 Flower Purchase and Payment

HCC is pleased to reintroduce a tradition once offered to the public, the placing of flowers and wreaths at a gravesite. But, with a new twist: we'll order, deliver, and place a bouquet of flowers at your loved one's gravesite and send you a digital picture after they are placed. Choose from one of the three bouquets below (subject to some seasonal differences) or order a ceremonial or holiday wreath. After viewing the options on this page, please follow the link below to submit information about your purchase. After submitting this information, you will be directed to Paypal, which will allow you to select and purchase your flowers. No tax, handling, or delivery fees.

Flowers will be placed at gravesites until they become unsightly, which varies according to temperatures and floral variety.

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1. Summer Lilies: $45

25 star shaped Asiatic lilies in bold orange, hot pink, and pure white.


2. Daisy Bouquet: $45

World Gerber Daisy Bouquet includes 12 stems


3. Mixed Bouquet: $45

A gorgeous array of assorted roses in colors rangin from bright pink, orange, yellow and lavendar are brought together with pink Peruvian lilies.


4. Large ceremonial wreaths: $150

Perfect for band visits to John Philip Sousa's gravesite or your beloved family member. Includes stand.


5. Holiday Wreath: $30

Festive yet traditional holiday wreath placed during the holidays. Decorated balsam wreaths with pinecones, berries, and 6 loop, 4" red velvet bow. 24" diameter.

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