Funerals and Burials

1.An Interment Right does not suggest any ownership right to the land itself. An Interment Right may be used only for the interment of human remains and burial container.

2.Interments or burials may be made only in burial sites which have been fully paid for, except by special written permission of the Association.

3. An Interment Right that remains unused for a period of 75 years will be declared abandoned and will be reclaimed by the Association upon reasonable attempt to locate owner or inheritors of said Interment Rights.

4. When an interment is to be made in a site, the Interment Right owner or lineal descendant or authorized person  shall present proof of ownership of the Interment Right for the intended burial site to the Association, and shall complete an Interment Authorization Form and [or] any other forms required by the Association. Should the Association not receive timely notice and all required documentation, the Association reserves the right to deny [or postpone] interment in that burial site.

5.All interments and disinterments must be made upon the conditions of the Association and upon payment of the current charges fixed by the Association. No less than twenty-four hours’ notice must be provided by The Association prior to an interment and at least one week’s notice to any disinterment is required.

6.Disinterment will not be permitted unless and until all terms and conditions of the Rules & Regulations and the laws of the District of Columbia are met. Disinterments shall require receipt of the appropriate governmental forms and authorizations, to be supplied by the family or appropriate legal representative seeking the disinterment. The presence of a funeral director, as required by the laws of the District of Columbia, shall be the responsibility of the family member or legal representative seeking the disinterment. The family member or legal representative shall complete the Association’s Authorization for Disinterment form and provide it to the Association for review and signature prior to the disinterment.

7.No more than two full bodies shall be interred in one grave site with the exception of the placement of urns where space is available.  The Association retains the right to authorize multiple interments in one burial site and may designate areas where multiple inurnments may be made.

8.Vaults constructed of natural stone, metal or reinforced concrete are not necessary for the interment of caskets and urns.

9.In the best circumstances, the maximum amount of interments that each site may allow for is two full body burials and nine cremations.  In certain situations, depending on the depth of underground obstructions or previous burials, the amount of burials may be restricted in a particular burial site.  The maximum number of burials is not guaranteed. 

10.Natural, or “green,” burials are allowed in any section of the cemetery.


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