General Information


1.The Association’s office hours are from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm on Monday through Friday.  Historic Congressional Cemetery is open to visitors and lot owners from dawn until dusk every day.  The site is closed to members of the K9 Corp from 10:30 am until 3:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays in order to allow lot owners time to visit their sites.

2.For visitation by lot owners and guests, entrance to the cemetery must be through the gate at 18th Street SE and E Street SE.

3.Dog walking is a privilege of our K9 Corp Members.  Dogs without memberships must have a day pass, which can be purchased at the gatehouse.

4.The Association has the right to refuse admission to any person or persons deemed objectionable to the best interests of the Cemetery or whose behavior is unbecoming to the Cemetery.

5.The following activities are prohibited anywhere within the Cemetery: placing signs, notices, or advertisements of any kind; bringing or using firearms, except as permitted by the Association; littering the grounds with paper, trash or other refuse; the defacement, destruction or desecration of graves, gravestone monuments or the Cemetery grounds.

6.Use of the cemetery grounds for special events festivals, tours, educations programs, musical concerts, seminars, dog walking, races, marathons, ball games, or other recreational uses requires permission from the Association. The use of cemetery grounds or facilities for purposes other than interments or disinterment’s shall require adherence to and signature upon the Association’s Facilities Use Agreement and the payment of any associated fees or charges.

7.Automobiles are only permitted for funerals, grave visitation, and contractor equipment and must remain on paved surfaces unless approved by the Association.  The speed limit throughout the entire cemetery is 10 mph.  Entrance gate must be closed and latched immediately upon ingress and egress.  The vehicle must be operated in a manner that insures safety of people, dogs, buildings, memorials, and plantings.  Pedestrians and dogs have the right of way.

8.All acts of theft, personal injury, vandalism or loss must be reported to the Association as soon as possible.  Vandalism is punishable by law.  Emergency phone numbers are posted in the windows at the front and back door of the gatehouse.


1.The Association reserves the right to use the property of Congressional Cemetery for any purpose whatsoever, consistent with the operation, care and maintenance of a Cemetery, as permitted by the By-laws of the Association and the laws of the District of Columbia.


2.The Association reserves the right to close or alter any road, drive, alley or walkway within the Cemetery at any time.

3.The Association is hereby empowered to enforce all Rules and Regulations and to exclude from the Cemetery any persons violating them. The Association shall have charge of the grounds and buildings, including the conduct of funerals, traffic, laborers and other workers, and all persons entering Congressional Cemetery grounds.

4.The Association reserves the right to remedy any stones that pose a threat to safety or are misaligned.


5.The management of the Association is authorized to enforce the Rules and Regulations of Historic Congressional Cemetery.



1.The Association takes reasonable precaution to protect the property within the cemetery gate but does not claim responsibility.

2.The Association is not responsible for loss or damage from causes beyond its control, such as natural disasters, civil disasters, or vandalism.

3.The Association is not responsible for mistakes made by a contractor.  

4.Visitors must exercise extreme caution when visiting the site to prevent personal injury due to the fact that, as a historic cemetery, Congressional Cemetery  has ground undulations, hidden holes, and in some cases, unstable monuments.


1.Rules and regulations may be amended, revised, and published from time to time as approved by the Board of Directors.  Any modification of the Rules & Regulations shall be effective upon their passage by the Board.

2.The Association reserves the right to make exceptions, suspensions, or modifications of any of these Rules and Regulations in special cases, without notice, when the Board of Directors finds such action to be necessary.

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