Greenleaf, James

In 1793 at the age of 28, James Greenleaf was appointed U.S. Consul in Holland, where he met and married a Dutch baroness.  He was reputed to have amassed a fortune exceeding $1,000,000-a fabulous some in those days--and he fully expected to make another fortune investing in property in the new federal city.  His first and largest purchase was 3,000 lots in what was originally called Turkey Buzzard Point (renamed Greenleaf's Point and now Fort McNair).  He eventually acquired 6,000 lots and promised to build at least 10 houses a year.  Over the years he constructed some of the city's most famous residences.  Greenleaf's ambitions were thwarted when the Napoleonic Wars deprived him of expected financial support from Dutch colleagues.  To make matters worse, lot sales in Washington never met expectations and the appreciated of land values was sluggish.

Site - R49/23
Last Name: 
First Name: 

Site - R49/23

Current Cemetery: 
DC: Congressional Cemetery
Interment Date: 
September 18, 1843
June 9, 1765
September 17, 1843
Directory Listing: 
1834: East side 1st east, between B and C north
Father's Last Name: 
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James Greenleaf

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