Hon. Alexander Barrow

(d. 29 Dec 1846) Public Vault
Removed 1847

A Senator from Louisiana. Attended the U.S. Military Academy. Studied law and practiced. Elected in 1840 as a Whig to the U.S. Senate and served from 1841 until his death in Baltimore.
The National Intelligencer, Thursday, December 31, 1846
The scene presented in the Senate yesterday on the announcement of the death of Mr. Barrow was more affecting than any similar occasion ever drew forth in either House of Congress. The deep emotion under which each successive Senator paid the earnest tribute of affection and admiration to the shining and winning virtues of the deceased, gave to the eloquence of speech all the touching eloquence of the heart, and moved many an eye to tears; but when at length he who stood amongst the nearest in private friendship to the deceased, and amongst the highest in esteem and attraction himself, and to whose eloquent lips every face turned in deepened anticipation-when he rose, and, with moistened eyes, essayed to speak, but found his own firm heart overpowered and utterance denied to him, every heart melted in painful sympathy.

The funeral will take place this day, according to the following order of arrangements:

The Committee of Arrangements, pall-bearers, and mourners will attend at the room of the Senate, where the body is deposited, at half-past 11 o'clock a.m., at which time the corpse will be removed, in charge of the Committee of Arrangements, attended by the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, to the Senate Chamber, where Divine service will be performed.

At 12 o'clock the funeral will move from the Senate Chamber to the place of interment, in the following order:

 Order of Procession

The Chaplains of both Houses

Physicians who attended the deceased

Committee of Arrangements
Mr. Mangum
Mr. Speight
Mr. Berrien
Mr. Corwin
Mr. Huntington
Mr. Cass

Mr. Crittenden
Mr. Archer
Mr. Benton
Mr. Sevier
Mr. J.M. Clayton
Mr. Johnson, Md.

The family and friends of the deceased

The Senator and Representatives from the State of Louisiana as mourners

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate of the United States

Vice President and Secretary of the Senate

The Senate of the United States

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives

Speaker and Clerk of the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives

The President of the United States (Polk)

The Heads of Departments

The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, and its officers

The Diplomatic Corps

Judges of the United States

Officers of the Executive Departments

Officers of the Army and Navy

The Mayor of Washington (Seaton)

Citizens and strangers

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