Hon. Franklin H. Elmore

(d. 28 May 1850) Public Vault
(Removed 1850)

A Representative and a Senator from South Carolina. Graduated from the South Carolina College. Studied law and practiced. Elected as a State Rights Democrat to the 24th amd 25th Congress (1836 to 1839). Appointed to the U.S. Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of John C. Calhoun and served from April 11, 1850 until his death.

The National Intelligencer, Friday, May 31, 1850
At the opening of the Senate yesterday the death of Mr. Elmore was announced, and, after the adoption of the usual resolutions of respect for the memory of the deceased, the Senate adjourned without doing any business.

Both Houses will meet today to attend the Funeral. The Committee of Arrangements, Pallbearers, and Mourners will assemble at 11 o'clock at the late residence of Mr. Elmore, on Capitol Hill, and remove the corpse thence, in charge of the Committee of Arrangements, attended by the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, to the Senate Chamber, where Divine service will be performed.

At twelve o'clock M. the funeral will move from the Senate Chamber to the place of interment, in the following order: 

Order of Procession:

The Chaplains of both Houses of Congress

Physicians who attended the deceased

Committee of Arrangements
Mr. Yulee
Mr. Jones
Mr. Clemens
Mr. Corwin
Mr. Badger
Mr. Norris

Mr. Hunter
Mr. Bright
Mr. Dawson
Mr. Davis Mass.
Mr. Downs
Mr. Underwood

The family and friends of the deceased

The Senator and Representatives from the State of South Carolina s mourners

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate of the United States

The Vice President and Secretary of the Senate

The Senate of the United States

The other officers of the Senate

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives

The Speaker and Clerk of the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives

The other officers of the House of Representatives

The President of the United States (Taylor)

The Heads of Departments

The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States and its officers

The Diplomatic Corps

Judges of the United States

Officers of the Executive Departments

Officers of the Army and Navy

The Mayor of Washington

Citizens and Strangers

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