Hon. Preston Smith Brooks

 (b. 1819 - d. 27 Jan 1857) Range 60 Site 116
(Removed 1857)

Representative from South Carolina. Graduated from the University of South Carolina at Columbia in 1839. Studied law and practiced. Served in the Mexican War as captain in the Palmetto Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers. Elected as a Democrat to the 33rd and 34th Congresses and served from 1853 until July 15, 1856, when he resigned even though the attempt to expel him for his assault upon Charles Sumner on May 22, 1856, had failed. Relected to the 34th Congress to fill the vacancy caused by his own resignation and served from 1856, until his death.

The Evening Star, January 29, 1857
The Funeral of Hon. Preston S. Brooks took place this morning.
At one o'clock, the Committee of Arrangements, Pall Bearers, and Mourners attended at Browns' Hotel, and the corpse was removed in charge of the Committee of Arrangements attended by the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House, to the Hall of the House of Representatives, where divine service was performed. The funeral then moved from the Hall of the House to the Congressional Cemetery in the following order:
Order of Procession:
The Chaplains of both Houses of Congress

Physicians who attended the deceased

Committee of Arrangements
Mr. John McQueen
Mr. T.S. Bocock
Mr. Alex. DeWitt
Mr. W.H. Sneed
Mr. John Wheeler
Mr. J.F. Dowdell
Mr. Daniel Mace
Mr. J.W. Denver
Mr. J.C. Allen

Pall Bearers
Mr. H.A. Edmundson
Mr. J. Clancy Jones
Mr. Alex. H. Stephens
Mr. W.W. Valk
Mr. A.K. Marshall
Mr. A. Rust
Mr. B.B. Thurston
Mr. J. Scott Harrison

The family and friends of the deceased

The Senators and Representatives from the State of South Carolina as mourners

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives

The Speaker and Clerk of the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives of the United States

The other officers of the House of Representatives

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate

The President and Secretary of the Senate

The Senate

The other officers of the Senate

The President of the United States (Pierce)

The Heads of Departments

The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States and its officers

The Judiciary of the District of Columbia

The Diplomatic Corps

The Comptrollers, Auditors and other Heads of Bureaus of the several Departments of the Government with their officers

Officers of the Army and Navy at the seat of Government

The Mayor of Washington

The Boards of Aldermen and Common Council

Citizens and Strangers

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