Hon. Richard Platt Herrick

(d. 20 Jun 1846) Public Vault
Removed 1846

A Representative from New York. Elected as a Whig to the 29th Congress and served from 1845 until his death. Cenotaph at Range 54 Site 114.
National Intelligencer, Monday, June 22, 1846
It is with much regret that we announce the death of the Hon. Richard P. Herrick, one of the representatives in Congress from the state of New York who died at his lodgings in this city on Saturday evening, after a brief illness of only 3 days.
National Intelligencer, Wednesday, June 24, 1846
The lamented occurrence of the death and funeral ceremony of the Hon. Richard P. Herrick, a highly respected member of the House of Representatives from the State of New York, has produced a chasm of two days in the present session of Congress. His death was announced on Monday, and both Houses in consequence immediately adjourned without doing any business. His funeral took place yesterday, and both Houses attended it. So that no business was done on either day.
Today both Houses will resume the consideration of their unfinished business; but, if with no better success in the House of Representatives than during the last week, the intermission of the two last days can hardly be considered a loss of time. There is reason to hope better things, however; and there are some who even yet think that Congress might be able to get through its business and adjourn by the 20th of July. 

National Intelligencer, June 25, 1846
The funeral of the Hon. R.P. Herrick, we have already said, was attended by both Houses of Congress. The following gentlemen constituted the Committee of Arrangements and the Pall-bearers on the occasion:

Committee of Arrangements
Mr. Carroll  
Mr. Norris, N.H.
Mr. Pendleton, Va.
Mr. T. Smith, Conn.
Mr. Simpson, S.C.
 Mr. Jas. Black, Pa.
Mr. C.B. Smith, Ind.

Mr. Dunlap, Me.
Mr. Trumbo, Ky.
Mr. Dockery, N.C.
Mr. Abbott, Mass.
Mr. R. Chapman, Ala.
Mr. S. Jones, Geo.
Mr. Tilden, Ohio
 Mr. Edsall, N.J.

A son and daughter of the deceased were the only members of his family who were in the city to attend the Funeral. Mr. Pendleton, of Va.

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