Hon. Thomas Tyler Bouldin

(b. 1781 - d. 11 Feb 1834) Range 29 Site 72
(Removed 1834)

A Representative from Virginia who, "having risen to speak on the Deposite Question, had uttered but a few sentences, when he was observed to falter in his speech, and, after a momentary struggle, fell, and in a few minutes expired!"

The National Intelligencer, Friday, February 14, 1834
The Members of the two Houses of Congress assembled yesterday only to unite in paying the last earthly honors to the remains of their late associate, the Hon. Thomas T. Bouldin, of Va. The Funeral Ceremonies took place in the Hall of Representatives. Prayers were read, with due solemnity, by the Rev. Mr. Hatch, one of the Chaplains to Congress, and a very excellent discourse, suited to the occasion, was delivered by the Rev. Mr. Stockton, the other Chaplain; after which, the two Houses, in procession, escorted the corpse to the Eastern burial ground. The Funeral Ceremonies were attended also by the President of the United States, the Judges of the Supreme Court, and the Heads of Departments. On no similar occasion has the mourning been more general or more sincere than on this; the peculiar circumstances of which, indeed, could not fail to make a deep impression on the minds of all men.

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