Hon. William Pinkney

(b. 17 Mar 1764 - d. 25 Feb 1822) Range 29 Site 35-37

A Representative and Senator from Maryland. Studied medicine and law and practiced law in Harford County, Md. Elected to the 2nd Congress, and served in 1791. One of the commissioners at London under Jay's treaty 1796-1804, joint minister of Great Britain with James Monroe in 1806 and 1807 and minister plenipotentiary 1807-1811. Attorney General of the U.S. in the Cabinet of President Madison. Wounded at the Battle of Bladensburg, Md. Aug. 24, 1814. Elected to the 14th Congress and served from 1815 to 1816. Minister plenipotentiary to Russia with a special mission to Naples and served from 1816 - 1818. Elected to the U.S. Senate served from 1819 until his death.

The National Intelligencer, Wednesday, February 27, 1822
The death of Mr. Pinkney absorbs the attention of those whose public labors it is a part of our vocation to record. The deep interest which is felt on the occasion is attested by the Proceedings, yesterday, in the Senate and House of Representatives, and in the Supreme Court. We shall not attempt to swell the torrent by the addition of the tribute due from us to his public character. It shall be silently paid, leaving to other and abler hands the task of compiling a Memoir of this distinguished man, which shall be worthy of the subject.

The National Intelligencer, Thursday, February 28, 1822
The funeral of the late William Pinkney took place yesterday, from the Capitol, agreeably to the arrangements adopted by the Committee of the Senate.

At 10 o'clock the Committee of Arrangements, Pall-bearers, and Mourners, attended at Brown's Hotel, the late lodgings of the deceased, and the corpse was removed, in charge of the Committee of Arrangements, attended by the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, to the Senate Chamber. The House of Representatives entered the Chamber, preceded by its officers; the members of the Executive branch of the Government; the Judges of the Supreme Court; the Foreign Ministers, and as many citizens as could obtain admission on the floor or in the galleries, also attended, where Divine Service was performed by the Rev. Mr. Ryland, Chaplain of the Senate.

At eleven o'clock the funeral moved from the Senate Chamber to the place of interment in the following order:
Order of Procession:
The Chaplains to both Houses of Congress

Physicians who attended the deceased

Committee of Arrangements

Pall Holders
Mr. Lowrie   
Mr. James Brown
Mr. Dickerson
Mr. Otis
Mr. R.M. Johnson   
Mr. Elliott

Relatives of the deceased, and

The Senator and Representatives from the State of Maryland, as mourners

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate of the United States

President pro tempore and Secretary of the Senate

The Senate of the United States

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