James H Causten Vault

The James H. Causten Vault

• Physical Description
The Causten Vault is located (link to Google Map) on the east side of Coombe Carriage Way across from the Public Vault.  Constructed ca. 1835, the early Classical revival style vault is oriented on is comprised of a brick wall to the west with a brick barrel vault.

• Causten Family
The Caustens were a prominent family in 19th Century Washington whose family home on F Street, NW, was the scene of many brilliant social gatherings and attended by the elite before the stormy days of 1861.

• Condition Assessment
The Causten Vault was considered in fair condition in 2003 but by 2009 began showing signs of rapid mortar loss and shifting bricks on the north and south piers.  The façade masonry had significant areas of mortar deterioration with significant displacements in the coping stones and north and south end piers.

• Restoration Work
The restoration of the Causten Vault involved conservation work by Worcester Eisenbrandt, assistance of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, our own staff, and several Congressional Cemetery volunteers.

• Anthropological Assessment

Coming Soon!

• Reinterment

 Coming Soon!

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