John Sintlear

(d. 14 Oct 1811) Range 25 Site 54

A native of Ireland but for many years a resident of Washington, D.C.
The National Intelligencer, October 15, 1811
On the 14th inst. John Sinclair, a native of Ireland, but for many years a resident of this city -- A warmer heart was never chilled by the cold hand of death. In a rough, uneducated form, was enclosed all that can ennoble the human species. A high and correct sense of honor -- a manly independence -- strict sense of justice, and bold sincerity which could never suffer him to disguise his sentiments. His industry was indefatigable -- his benevolence unbounded -- his piety sincere and fervent. In the humble and obscure walks of life he was always doing good. The idle and vicious he stimulated to honest industry. The good, the poor, and the wretched, he comforted, encouraged and supported. As a husband and father he was kind and affectionate; as a friend he was firm and sincere. When such characters occur in the humbler walks of life, their virtues ought to be made known, that they may be imitated. His remains were followed to the grave by a large number of his friends and neighbors, and buried with religious and Masonic rites.

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