Maj. Gen. Roger Jones

(d. 15 Jul 1852) Range 57 Site 253

U.S. Army, Adjutant General. Began his military career January 26, 1809, as a Lieutenant of Marines, which commission he held at the outbreak of the war of 1812 with Great Britain, when he was appointed a Captain of Artillery in the Army. Raised in 1825 to the confidential post of Adjutant General which he held until his death.

The National Intelligencer, July 17, 1852
General Orders, No. 28
Jones, Maj. General Roger
Adjutant General's Office
   Washington, July 16, 1852
The following arrangement has been made for the funeral honors of the lamented Brevet Major General Roger Jones, Adjutant General of the Army.

Order of Procession:

Funeral Escort

Commander of the Escort and Staff

The Clergy of the District and Surgeon General of the Army

Pall Bearers
Mayor Maury   
Col. Abert
Gen. Weightman   
Gen. Totten
Gen. Henderson   
Com'e Shubrick
Com'e Ballard   
Gen. Jesup

The Relatives of the deceased

The General-in-Chief of the Army and Staff

The General Staff of the Army

Officers of the Army

Officers of the Navy and Marine Corps

Officers of the Militia

The President of the United States (Fillmore)

Heads of Departments, should any of them be pleased to attend

Senators and Members of the House of Representatives should any of them be pleased to attend

Foreign Ministers and Suites, should any of them be pleased to attend

Clerks of the Adjutant General's Office

Societies and Fraternities that may join the Procession

Citizens and Strangers

The troops designated to form the escort, consisting of the volunteer companies of the District, will be commanded by the senior volunteer officer on duty, and they will assemble in front of the mansion of the deceased, at the corner of F and Tenth streets, at 4 1/2 o'clock p.m., on Saturday, the 17th day of July, from which the procession will move precisely at five o'clock.

The usual badge of mourning will be worn by Officers of the Army, on the left arm and on the hilt of the sword.

The senior Assistant Adjutant General on duty at the Headquarters of the Army is charged with the arrangements of the day.

     By command of Major General Scott

     L. Thomas

     Assistant Adjutant General


Division Order

The orders of the General-in-Chief of the Army of the United States, announcing the death of Major General Roger Jones, Adjutant General, speaks in well-deserved terms of the eminent merits of the deceased, both as a soldier and a man. Praise from so illustrious a commander, himself the favorite theme of praise with all, dispenses with any additional recommendation to the sympaties and respect of his fellow-citizens. But, if the high approval of a commander under whose eye the military services of the deceased were performed, and whose warm friendship he had shared for near forty years, needed any confirmation, it would be supplied by the personal testimony of the citizens and citizen soldiers of this District, among whom he has resided so many years as a universally respected and beloved fellow-citizen.

To correspond, therefore, with the order of arrangement of the General-in-Chief of the Army, the Generals of Brigade will give the necessary orders for assembling the Battalions and Corps of Volunteers belonging to their respective commands at the proper time to join in the funeral escort.
     Walter Jones
     Major General Commanding the Militia
     Washington, July 16, 1852

     Brigade Order

     Brigade Headquarters

     Washington, July 16, 1852

In conformity to orders from the Major General, the Colonel commanding the volunteers belonging to the Third Brigade will give the necessary orders for assembling the regiment preparatory to joining the funeral escort and rendering military honors to the memory of the late Brevet Major General Roger Jones, Adjutant General of the United States army.
     R.C. Weightman
     Brigadier General Commanding Third Brigade

     Regimental Orders
     Regimental Headquarters of Volunteers, M.D.C.

     Washington, July 16, 1852

The Commanding Officers of Companies belonging to the volunteer regiment of the Third Brigade will issue the necessary orders for assembling their companies in funeral trim, at their respective company grounds, with at least three rounds of blank cartridge, in time to assemble at Battalion rendezvous in front of the City Hall at 3 o'clock p.m. on Saturday, (tomorrow) to join the funeral escort of Brevet Major General Roger Jones, late Adjutant General United States army.
     By order of Colonel Hickey
     James A. Tait, Adjutant

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