Major General Thomas Blount

(b. 10 May 1759 - d. 7 Feb 1812)

A Representative from North Carolina. Educated at home and at the age of 16 entered the Revolutionary Army. In 1780 he became a deputy paymaster general, and was a major commanding a battalion of North Carolina militia at the Battle of Eutaw Springs. He was captured and sent to England as a prisoner of war. He was elected as a Democrat to the 3rd through 5th Congresses (1793 to 1799), the 9th and 10th Congresses (1805 to 1809), and to the 12th Congress in which he served from 1811 until his death.
The National Intelligencer, February 11, 1812
Died. In this city, on Friday evening last, at half past 8 o'clock, Major General Thomas Blount, a Representative in Congress from the state of North Carolina, in the 53d year of his age.

Never has it fallen to our lot to record the loss of a more honorable and worthy man. In him North Carolina is bereaved of one of her most useful and respectful citizens. Intrepid as a soldier, firm and consistent as a politician, he united the qualities of a statesman and warrior with those of the patriot and scholar.

Whilst a boy, at the age of 16, he entered into his country's service a volunteer in the Revolutionary army, in which he served in various capacities until the conclusion of a peace. We are not acquainted with the rank he held at the close of the war; but such was the confidence of the state in his patriotism and military talent, that he was raised, by successive promotions, to the highest rank in the militia of that state, in which capacity he commanded universal approbation.

He has been a member of Congress for many years, with occasional intervals. As a politician, whilst he was justly considered the inflexible and ardent friend to his country, he never departed from that gentlemanly deportment which always characterized the man.

A disconsolate widow is left to mourn her irreparable loss. He had no other family. Much as his death will be lamented as a public man, the grief of his numerous friends will prove his highest eulogy. Honored be his memory! Unfaded may the laurel and cypress intermingle at his tomb!

On Sunday last he was interred with military honors. The solemnity and length of the procession which accompanied him to the tomb afforded ample testimony to the general sensibility for his loss.

Order of Procession:

Detachment from the Marine Corps
File of Dragoons
Full Band of martial music
Sergeant-at-arms, House of Representatives
Clerk, House of Representatives
Speaker, House of Representatives
Members of the House of Representatives, those from North Carolina first
Sergeant-at-arms, Senate
Secretary of the Senate
Vice-President of the United States (Clinton)
Members of the Senate
Heads of departments
Other principal officers of the government
Other citizens

The bearers were Mr. Stanford, Mr. M. Franklin, Mr. Cochran, and Mr. McBryde of North Carolina.

The pallbearers were General Sevier, of Tennessee, Col. Tallinadge, of Connecticut, Gen. Butler, of South Carolina, Gen. Breckenridge, of Virginia, Col. Van Cortland, of New York, Gen. Desha, of Kentucky, Gov. Wright, of Maryland, Gen. Brown, of Pennsylvania.

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