Memorials & Headstones

A marker or headstone may be purchased from an approved vendor but must meet the specifications and qualifications set forth by the cemetery board.

All foundations for markers or headstones shall consist or concrete poured by a monument company approved by the Cemetery Board. All markers or headstones must be set on a foundation that terminates three inches above the ground level where the marker or headstone is to be placed. Location of the marker or headstone will be designated by a representative of the Cemetery. 

Marker/Headstone Specifications:

  1. The design and installation of any marker or headstone to be placed in the Congressional Cemetery shall be approved by the Cemetery Board, shall be of bronze, granite, marble composition or other approved material, shall be of standard commercial grade and shall have been manufactured by a company ordinarily engaged in the manufacture of markers or headstones for placement on gravesites.
  2. The installation of any marker or headstone deviating from the requirements set forth in this document or which has been materially damaged, marred or defaced prior to installation will not be permitted in the Congressional Cemetery.
  3. A marker or headstone proposed for installation on any gravesite shall not exceed a size that, with its accompanying foundation, will not fit on the lot of the gravesite.

Installation Requirements:

Before the placement of any marker or headstone on a gravesite in the Congressional Cemetery, a foundation must be prepared in accordance with the requirements and specifications described below:

  1. The foundation shall be centered in relationship to the grave or lot. The gravesite lot shall be physically probed, marked, and laid out in order to make this determination.
  2. Where a single marker or headstone is to be used to commemorate two or more gravesites, the foundation shall be centered between the gravesites and, to the extent possible.
  3. All foundations shall be laid out so that the markers or headstones, including the visual presentation of inscriptions, will be in alignment with other foundations or markers or headstones in the same lot row.
  4. The measurements of the foundation excavation shall be eight inches (8") wider than the width of the marker or headstone and eight inches (8") longer than the length of the marker or headstone in order that a foundation border of four inches (4") will extend beyond the entire length and width of the marker or headstone after it has been installed.
  5. Excavation for the foundations of markers or headstones that lie flat with the ground surface shall be dug at a depth in compliance with current industry standards for the particular installation.
  6. The depth of excavation for the foundation of an upright marker or headstone shall be approximately one-half the height of the marker or headstone unless installed in compliance with current industry standards. Veterans Markers excepted.
  7. Piers or other foundational support, where indicated, shall be installed in compliance with current engineering standards. The burden of proof for compliance with such standards shall be on the party responsible for each installation.
  8. Preparation of the foundation for any marker or headstone to be placed on any gravesite in the Congressional Cemetery and any subsequent installation shall be scheduled in email/writing or fax with the proper Cemetery representative.
  9. Scheduling of foundation preparation and installation for any marker or headstone shall be based on weather and ground conditions, other burial services in the Congressional Cemetery and the availability of personnel to inspect the foundation preparation and installation of a marker or headstone.
  10. The completion of a foundation shall be three inches (3") above ground level and not detract from the appearance of gravesites in the Congressional Cemetery. Removal of excavated dirt and clean up of the gravesite shall be performed promptly by the party preparing the foundation and installing the marker or headstone.
  11. Markers will be required to have the range and site engraved on the headstone for easy site placement, and identification. The cost of the inscription will be borne by the proprietor - owner of the headstone.


  1. If, upon inspection by representatives of the Cemetery, a foundaiton, marker, or headstone installation deviates from the specifications set forth in this document, the Cemetery shall give written notice to the party responsible for such installation outlining specific corrections that must be made in order to comply with the rules and regulations contained in this document. Such work shall be undertaken at the expense of the party performing the installation specified in the written notice.
  2. Any party failing to correct deficiencies documented in a written notice will be prohibited from initiating any future projects in the Congressional Cemetery until such time as such deficiencies have been corrected in conformance with the requirements of these rules and regulations.

Placement/Installation Fees (When Set by Congressional Cemetery Staff)

Foundation Fees Includes Marking .50/square inch
Labor and Material $125.00
Military/Veterans FLAT $150.00

Placement/Installation Fees (When Set by Outside Firm)

Foundation Fees Includes Marking .50/square inch
Labor and Material N/A
Military/Veterans FLAT $150.00


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