Tombs and Tomes

Tombs and Tomes

A book club for the curious and quirky


Imagine telling a friend that you’re going to your monthly book club meeting.  Perhaps your friend visualizes a cozy living room with a group of women, wine glasses in hand, calmly discussing the merits of the latest Oprah selection or memoir.  Now picture telling your friend that your book club is in a cemetery. 


We can’t imagine anything more fun, so we’re proud to debut a cemetery book club with a taste for the macabre.  We won’t pretend that there’s a rhyme or reason to our book selections, but we can promise that they’ll be interesting, thought-provoking, and extremely eclectic.  And did we mention that there will be wine?  Because you simply can’t have a book club without wine. 

It’s free to join, free to attend. If you're a new member interested in attending, please email for more information. Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 23rd at 6:30 pm.   







 SEPTEMBER PICK: The Skeleton Crew, by Deborah Halber 


Solving cold cases from the comfort of your living room…

The Skeleton Crew provides an entree into the gritty and tumultuous world of Sherlock Holmes–wannabes who race to beat out law enforcement—and one another—at matching missing persons with unidentified remains.

In America today, upwards of forty thousand people are dead and unaccounted for. These murder, suicide, and accident victims, separated from their names, are being adopted by the bizarre online world of amateur sleuths.


The web sleuths pore over facial reconstructions (a sort of Facebook for the dead) and other online clues as they vie to solve cold cases and tally up personal scorecards of dead bodies. The Skeleton Crew delves into the macabre underside of the Internet, the fleeting nature of identity, and how even the most ordinary citizen with a laptop and a knack for puzzles can reinvent herself as a web sleuth.
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