Obituary - Bruebaker, John

The Evening Star, March 22, 1886
Fatal End of a Brutal Fight in West Washington
John Bruebaker, a canal boatman, died early yesterday morning in his boat, which was moored at
Muncastor’s wharf, West Washington, from the effects of a kick received in a fight Saturday
afternoon with George Seaman.. Bruebaker’s wife left the boat Saturday afternoon to go home with
a friend, Mrs. Mary Epps, who complained of being ill. Mrs. Epps lodged in George Seaman’s
house, 3315 Water street. When she reached Mrs Epps’ room the latter, it is stated, fell in a
fainting fit and Mrs. Bruebaker called for assistance. Seaman, who occupied a room below, at once
responded. While he was in the room Bruebaker, who was under the influence of liquor and had
follwed his wife from the boat, staggered into the room and began to abuse and beat his wife for
having left the boat. Seaman remonstrated with him and then it appears, left the room and started
downstairs. Bruebaker upon that shouted a defiance after him. Seaman returned at once and the
two men, both of whom were powerful, engaged in a brutal fight. Mrs. Bruebaker sought in vain to
separate the combatants. Seaman, it appears, inflicted a kick in Mr. Bruebaker’s abdomen, which
ended the fight. Bruebaker fell to the floor. He was taken to his boat, where he died about six
o’clock yesterday morning. The autopsy made yesterday showed that death resulted from rupture
of the mesentery and lateral hemorrhage. Seaman was arrested yesterday.
The Inquest
The inquest was held this afternoon at one o’clock at the third police precinct. The following
composed the jury: Messrs. Samuel Howard, E.M.P. Harris, James S. Hayes, William H. Haycock,
John H. Darne and James P. Wallace.
Dr. D.J. Hartigan testified as to the injuries and that the death resulted from them. Dr. Sheckell
corroborated his testimony.
Mary Springstill, or Mary Epps, as she is known, who resides at No. 3315 Water street, testified as
to Mrs. Bruebaker accompanying her home on account of her being sick.
The Verdict
After hearing the prisoner’s statement, the jury returned a verdict that the said John Bruebaker
came to his death from a shock and hemorrhage caused by a kick in the abdomen, inflicted by
George Seaman. The prisoner was committed to jail.

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March 22, 1886
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