Obituary - Herold, David

The Evening Star, February 15, 1869
The Bodies of the Assassination Conspirators
Removal of the Remains of Herold
Reinterment at Congressional Cemetery
Order for the Delivery of Atzerodt's Body
Application for the Body of Booth
On Saturday afternoon, Rev. J. Vaugh Lewis, of St. John's (Episcopal) Church, made application to President
Johnson, in behalf of the mother and sister of David E. Herold, who was executed with Mrs. Surratt, Payne,
and Atzerot, July 6th, 1865, for Herold's remains, and the order was immediately given. The order was
placed in the hands of Mr. Joseph Gawler, undertaker, who presented it to the commandant at the Arsenal,
General Ramsey, and the detail of men was made who soon dug to the box containing the remains, (lying
between the cases containing the bodies of Payne and Atzerodt) and they were delivered to Mr. G., who at
once took them to his establishment on Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and 18th streets. The top of the
case was found to have decayed and fallen in. The body was recovered from the pine case and placed in a
fine walnut coffin, ornamented with silver handles and screws, with a plate on the breast inscribed "David E.
Herold, aged twenty-three years." The flesh had entirely disappeared, the skeleton only remaining, but the
clothing appeared to be in a afair state of preservation. The head was entirely separated from the body. The
phial containing a parchment slip with the name of the deceased was found in the box and handed to his
The coffin containing the remains was removed in a hearse today at 12 m. from Mr. Gawler's establishment
to the Congressional Cemetery, where it was met by the mother and five sisters of the deceased, and Rev. J.
Vaugh Lewis, pastor of St. John's Episcopal Church. It was immediately removed to the grave prepared for
it, which is in the old portion of the cemetery, about thirty feet south of the monument of the Indian Chief
Push-Ma-Ta-Ha, [Incorrect, Push-Ma-Ta-Ha's site is approx. 200 ft. to the east. Probably referring to the
large monument to William Pope Duvall, one-time governor of the territory of Florida, which is in the
location described.] and adjoining the grave of the father of the deceased. A cross of flowers was placed
upon the coffin by one of Herold's sisters, and the funeral services of the Episcopal Church were performed
by Rev. Mr. Lewis, after which the coffin was lowered and the grave filled up. The ceremony was strictly
private, and besides the officiating clergyman, the only persons present were Herold's mother and sisters who
seemed very much affected.
... (additional paragraphs about Atzerodt and Booth)

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July 7, 1865
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22 Years
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