Planting Regulations

1.Proposals by a lot owner for improving a burial site in any way, including trees, shrubs, or flower beds, must be submitted in writing in advance to the Association for approval. Proposals that are not consistent with the Landscape Plan of the Association may be denied.

2.The Association has the authority to remove all flowers, wreaths and other decorative arrangements, and all trees, shrubs, plants, roots, branches and limbs, from burial sites as soon as they become unsightly, dangerous, or diseased.

3.No tree, shrubs, plants, herbage, markers, or fencing may be removed from a burial site unless the Association has given its approval in advance.

4.In order to maintain the overall appearance of this historic site, all planting must be approved by the Association in regard to the Master Landscaping Plan.

5.The plantings may not exceed the boundaries of the purchased burial plots.

6.Plot enclosures should conform to historic representations found throughout the cemetery, such as stone coping or iron fencing

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