Types of Interment

Historic Congressional Cemetery is an interdenominational burial ground and accommodates several types of interments, from eco-friendly green burials and inurnments to traditional casket burials. Accommodations are routinely made for family preferences, religious practices, and personal lifestyles and beliefs. We do not require the use of a concrete vault or grave liner, nor do we require embalming of decedents. Families are encouraged to become involved with the burial and ritual process of their choice as long as it does not conflict with state law. Headstones are optional, but must fit within the measurements of the plot itself (see rules and regulations for more detail).



A Certified Hybrid Cemetery by the Green Burial Council


1/3 Plot consists of:

Gravesite measuring 3' x 3'

Accommodates two - four urns depending on urn dimensions

Small headstone (optional)


Single Plots consist of:

Gravesite measuring 3' x 8'

Accommodates two stacked caskets (first one double deep)

Up to eight cremains atop caskets

Headstone and/or footstone (optional)

Note: multiple plots adjacent to one another can also be purchased for side by side caskets.



Green Burial consists of:


No vault (partial, inverted, or otherwise)

No lid, concrete box, slab or partial liner

Open and Close fee

No embalming

Eco-friendly burial container (wicker or plain pine) or shroud

Traditional Ground Burial consists of:


Liner (optional)

Open and Close Fee

Headstone and or footstone

In Ground Inurnment consists of:


Urn or box

Liner (optional)

Open and Close Fee

Headstone (optional)


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